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    Welcome to Kittenads Videos - Here you can view stacks of great cat related videos. Choose a category from above and view our how to guides, competitions & shows, cat humour, feline businesses and more. Add your comments and send the video to all your friends or add your own cat related videos! Just click on the "share your videos" link and add your video today!

    VideoCat Humour02-05-2016
    Cats don't feel shame, they don't feel guilty... so humans must tell the World the truth anout these creatures.  Be warned.

    VideoCat services12-04-2016
    Friskies brings us a new ad of 'Cat and Kitten'. There's a new furry kid in the house. How will our pair react?   

    VideoCat Humour21-03-2016
    Carpe Diem means grab de frisbee. And run, retrieve the stick, or roll on the grass, according to this cat who lives and feels like a dog!

    VideoMy Cat02-03-2016
    Kitten Rosie thinks she's a dog. And not any dog... a Husky, nonetheless! She goes out for a walk when the guys have to do their business. All in all, she fits quite well. Check for yourself!

    VideoMy Cat02-03-2016
    You know they love you, you know they need you, you know they have their own special way to show affection. But when they do... they can't get enough!

    VideoCat Humour05-02-2016
    What a shame for some cats to fail at what one their best abilities: jumping! Good for us humans who get great laughs at their expense!

    You possibly already know what it feels to be woken up by a cat. Or you haven't had the pleasure just yet. Whether category you fall into does not change the fact that you'll love this video! 

    VideoMy Cat28-12-2015
    A Scottish fold falls asleep in the kitchen.

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