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    You Won't Believe How Happy This Cat Is In The Pool!

    NewsWednesday 12 November 2014

    Water is most cats' worst enemy but for one year old moggy Roy there's nothing better than a swim in the pool, and even the dreaded bath!


    Although most of the time we might associate a love of water with certain dog breeds, Roy absolutely adores stretching his legs by having a little paddle. His owner, Polly Noviss, is a veterinary nurse who lives in Little Coxwell, Oxfordshire. 


    Polly met Roy when he arrived at the veterinarian practice she works at as a stray ten months ago. Instantly, the little ginger cat stole her heart and she took him in to live with her other pets - which include 5 horses, 2 guinea pigs, a rabbit and three dogs! Polly's canines are also fond of swimming, and it wasn't long before Roy was swimming laps in the pool at The Dog Studio, which is located near Swindon.


    Roy even gets a special little lifejacket - the flourescent yellow jacket has a handle on top so that the moggy can be taken in and out of the water easily (we all know how slippery cats are when they want to be!).

    Polly's feline friend loves water so much, that he has jumped into the bath with her on a few occasions, and has even tried to sneak his way into the shower when Polly is using it!

    "Roy doesn't have a fear of anything, he is such a bold cat. Last week I even saw him on the back of one of my horses," said Polly,30, "He is a very energetic cat, he goes for a twenty minute swim and when we get home he has his treats and food and is out of the door again, catching rats."


    Best of all, Roy's passion for swimming is serving a greater good, as the cute kitty is now being used as a gueina pig for hydrotherapey treatments for felines!


    "Some cats will not like hydrotherapy but Roy loves it," Polly elaborated, "He has jumped into the bath with me a couple of times and always wants to be in the shower. I do think he thinks he's a dog. Roy doesn't need hydrotherapy, he is a guinea pig so we can figure out what works."


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