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    You MUST See This Adorable Friendship Video....

    NewsWednesday 15 October 2014

    We've seen many unlikely friendships between animals over the years including a lion whose best pal is a dog, a baby grizly bear and wolf cub who are BFFs and a curious bird and cat duo. But the video taking the internet by storm this week documents the friendship between a cat and a baby deer.


    The baby deer, who was rescued by the camera-person, initially seems curious about the feline, who belongs to their neighbour - check it out:



    Despite initally approaching each other with caution, the unlikely duo are soon cuddling up. The friendly deer even happily leans in for a few kisses and grooms his cat companion, who seems to appreciate the gesture. Hopefully these two are at the start of a life-long friendship! Who says we can't all just get along?


    Visit your local rescue shelter today and adopt a feline best friend in need!



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