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    Yorkshire Cat Rescue desperately needs more foster homes

    NewsCat Rescue NewsTuesday 22 April 2014

    Yorkshire Cat Rescue has taken in more than 162 cats and kittens since the beginning of January.

    This cat charity is now appealing more residents to become cat foster homes as the situations has become overwhelming.

    Yorkshire Cat Rescue staff and the charity is facing an unprecented influx of unwanted pets and strays, pushing the burden to the limit.

    The charity is making sure that the forster carer will not be alone in the process as they choose placements carefully and are always there to offer advice and support no matter what time of day or night.

    Yorkshire Cat Rescue has its headquarters in Keighley and anybody who would like to volunteer to become a fosterer can contact the centre on 01535-647184.


    Source:  Darlington & Stockton Times

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