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    Would You Take Your Cat Here? Britain's Poshest Cattery!

    NewsThursday 11 December 2014


    It's no secret that cats enjoy the finer things in life, so when Jackie and Tim Ferrier saw the appalling conditions of a well-known cattery they decided to build and open their own luxurious version. En suite rooms, canapes, room service - your feline friend can have it all at Hotel Cat.


    Jackie and Tim Ferrier once ran a dog hotel in Devon of a similar standard until they sold up and bought a 20-acre property in Hampshire. It was around that time that they visited a regular cattery and were appalled at the conditions the animals were being kept in.

    ''The runs, in which they spend 24 hours, were tiny,' animal-loving Jackie said, 'They had no room to roam, explore or play. For a cat used to being outdoors, it would be particularly stressful. At least dogs in boarding kennels are taken out and walked every day, but cats are pretty much just fed and forgotten about. Our three cats are so much a part of the family, and I hated the idea of them being locked up like that.'

    It was then that the idea for Hotel Cat was concieved, and the Ferrier's - together with their two chilldren James, 18 and Luy, 16 - worked tirelessly to make it a reality. They ploughed their entire life savings into the project, and no expense was spared to ensure the future occupants of Hotel Cat would get only the very best.

    The finished project, which takes the form of a luxurious converted barn, comprises of seven 'en suite' rooms - each one has a private play area accessible to the felines by a cat flap. Every room contains an enormous variety of the highest-quality cat toys - from foam fish to plastic snakes and furry animals. The cats also get a selection of entertainment to choose from - and Jackie claims that this is what greatly improves the cat's experience at Hotel Cat. 

    'They respond to the sound and moving images,' says Jackie. 'People always assume cats just take care of themselves. It's true that cats are much lower maintenance than dogs, but they're not total loners.' 

    Hotel Cat has five-star food to match the five-star service - seafood canapes are available from £4, or smoked salmon and prawns in seafood sauce for just £6. 

    Rooms cost between £19 and £34 a night, but despite the expense Hotel Cat is fully booked for the Christmas Period. On Christmas day, feline residents can expect to wake up to a stocking filled with presents, followed by a gourmet turkey dinner.

    'The message is loud and clear,' Jackie says. 'Owners really dislike traditional catteries. So many people have said: 'Finally we can go on holiday without worrying.'


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