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    With 19 pets at home, Calne cat-lover warned not to add any more

    NewsUK Cat NewsWednesday 19 March 2014

    Mary Cunningham-Simpson, although being a great animall lover, has been warned recently by housing bosses that she must not take in any more cats.

    The 67-year-old GreenSquare tenant, of Page Close, Calne, currently has a total of 16 cats, a rabbit and two goldfish in her two-bedroom house.

    GreenSquare has requested her not to take in any more pets for the sake of health and safety risks.

    Last month housing officers from GreenSquare inspected her home and said that the place smelled strongly of cats and was not suitable for a large number of animals.

    They confirmed that contractors had even refused to carry out repair work in her home due to a possible health risk caused by the number of cats and litter trays in such a small space.

    A 20 years tenant at the place, Miss Cunningham-Simpson, says she had previously been told in a letter by Westlea Housing Association, which later became GreenSquare, in 2008 she could keep cats.

    She said: “I don’t know why it started up again. It was out of the blue. According to them they were wrecking the house, they were crawling up the walls, but they just sleep most of the time.”

    She can keep her existing animals but has been told not to replace them or to take in any new pets.

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