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    Who could do this to Matt the cat? Cruel thugs buried kitten in anthill to be eaten alive

    NewsAnimal CrueltyMonday 21 May 2012
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    Covered in bites and with fluid seeping from its eyes, this kitten is lucky to be alive after thugs trapped it on an anthill and left it to be eaten.

    The helpless animal was found under a steel bucket, covered in ants who attacked its eyes and face.

    Passers-by rescued the kitten in Szamotuly, Poland, when they heard it crying in agony.

    Now police are searching for the abusers of the kitten, who has been named Matt by animal welfare workers.

    Rescuer Magda Miechowicz said: 'I picked up the bucket and saw this poor kitten lying on the floor covered in ants.

    'It was bleeding, fur was missing, and fluid was seeping from its eyes.'

    The antbites caused Matt to suffer asthma and for fluid to build up in its lungs.

    The kitten was emaciated and deyhdrated, and had scabs all over its body.

    But vets said the animal was recovering as they urged police to find its tormentors.

    'The sheer number of ant bites has left the kitten very poorly,' a spokesman said.

    'He is very dehydrated and has large abscesses all over his body.
    'He is lucky to be alive.

    'This was a senseless act of cruelness against a defenceless animal.

    'Whoever did it should be severely punished.'

    Source: Daily Mail

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