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    What happens when a cat sits on a hedgehog

    NewsCat Curiosities Tuesday 01 October 2013
    A new video is going around the Internet and while we shouldn’t laugh we find it quite funny and a little bit cute. In the short clip a cat was getting to meet a new hedgehog and then went to sit on it. Of course, it got quite the surprise when it reliased just what the hedgehog is made of.
    The short clip posted to Youtube lasts around 30 seconds long and shows a hedgehog and a cat together on a towel on a sofa. The cat is curious and wants to know about its new housemate and explores while the hedgehog is quite clearly oblivious to it all. It is soon after that the cat decides sit down on the spiky animal (as you would) and gets what would probably feel like an electric shock. The poor cat jumps away in shock and then looks in curiosity at the hedgehog as to what just happened. Is it a friend or foe she might ask? Life continues on as normal for the hedgehog.
    The hedgehog was a 15 month old African pygmy and had to find new owners after its owners were allergic to it. The cat was an eight month old rag doll and already had a number of Youtube videos so a filming of the official introduction seemed like a good idea.
    Already the video has racked up 547,665 views on the Internet and is being shared across the social media networks.
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