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    Were our pet cats poisoned to death?

    NewsAnimal CrueltyThursday 07 June 2012
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    A family has been left heartbroken after three of their cats died from suspected poisoning.

    Jim Waring, of Southfield Road, Broughton, lost two of his cats within 24 hours, followed by the third, which died two months later.

    He said: "The whole family is devastated. All three cats were treasured family pets."

    Mr Waring and the RSPCA are now urging people to be on their guard and keep a close eye on their pets, while hoping someone will come forward with information.

    He said his first cat, Oscar, who was only 11 months old, was found dead in the family's garden at the end of March.

    Mr Waring said: "Oscar was a lovely little thing and was part of the family."

    During the same day, another of his cats, Jack, who was 10, was found outside lying and wriggling in pain, displaying poisoning symptoms. He died in Mr Waring's arms.

    He said: "Jack never wandered far, he was lovely.

    "The whole thing has been awful and my youngest daughter Emma, who is eight, is traumatised. She is still struggling to sleep at night.

    "We don't feel safe in our own garden anymore and have even considered moving house."

    Both cats were buried and the family suspected they had died as a result of poisoning.

    Then on May 9, aother of the family's cats, Tinkerbell, was also found fitting in the garden and died in the arms of Mr Waring's son, Bradley.

    Vets suspected Tinkerbell died of antifreeze poisoning.

    Under the Animal Welfare Act, those found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering face a £20,000 fine and/or six months in prison. After ingesting antifreeze, cats can suffer symptoms including vomiting, seizures, appearing drunk and sleepy and an increased breathing rate.

    The RSPCA said owners should contact a vet immediately if they suspect their pet may have been in contact with the chemical.

    Mr Waring said: "It is absolutely devastating to watch an animal die in your arms.

    "It is just horrendous and this has really broken my family's heart.

    "We will not get any more cats for fear that it could happen to them.

    "We hope that anyone with information regarding this will contact the RSPCA."

    A spokesman for the RSPCA said the organisation was investigating this incident and asked anyone with information to call  0300 1234 999.

    Source: This is Scunthorpe

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