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    Wales Sew Kitten's Eyes Shut for Research

    NewsFriday 02 November 2012

    Is it right to sew these innocent babies eyes shut?

    This research that the University of Cardiff is carrying out is towards finding a cure for amblyopia, more commonly known as 'lazy eye', in humans. This usually appears in childhood and will continue with the suffering person throughout their life, unless it is treated successfully below the age of 8, as this is the 'critical period of visual brain development'. Amblyopia reduces the detail that an eye can see and can lead to blindness. It affects 2/3 children out of 100.

    The research is to find a cure for older people that did not have the chance to recieve treatment. Using kitten's this way is the only way the research can be carried out:

    'The university will always use alternative technology where it exists and only uses animals when absolutely necessary. The purpose of the work and its conduct was approved by both the university’s own ethical review process and the Home Office's Animals in Science Regulation Unit as part of the licensing process.' - Cardiff University Spokesman.

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    Photo by 'sneakerdog'


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