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    Unwanted pets on the increase in Northamptonshire

    NewsCat RehomingFriday 27 January 2012

    An animal charity based in Northamptonshire said it is "bursting at the seams" with unwanted pets.
    Animals in Need, based in Little Irchester, took in dozens of cats and rabbits this week from sanctuaries that have closed down.
    The organisation has blamed indiscriminate breeding and the 'throw-away' attitude of many people.
    Roy Marriot, from the centre, said he had taken in 60 animals from one sanctuary alone.

    'So frustrating'

    "We were asked to take 30 cats and 30 rabbits from the last sanctuary that closed," he said.
    Mr Marriot said it has been a struggle to cope with the number of animals and the number of people who were not getting their animals neutered was compounding the problem.
    Nicola Walker, from the RSPCA in Northamptonshire, said: "Although it is tempting to blame the economic situation, we have no real idea of why the number of abandonments is increasing overall.
    "It is so frustrating to think that the messages about caring for animals just aren't getting through to some people."

    Source: BBC News

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