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    Two schoolgirls prosecuted for stealing cats

    NewsUK Cat NewsFriday 26 August 2011

    Two schoolgirls from Northamptonshire, aged 10 and 11, that stole and kept cats tied up in a hidden den have been questioned by police and might be prosecuted by the RSPCA.

    A member of the public discovered the distressed kittens leashed to a tree when he was looking for his missing cat. One of the cats that was pregnant was suffering from a mouth infection and was managed to be rescued. However, the second cat was being strangled by the rope and was so terrified that it darted off into the woods as soon as I let it go, according to Northamptonshire News.

    Police have since spoken to the families of the two girls and are in discussion with the RSPCA over whether to prosecute them over any alleged cruelty.

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    Text source: Northamptonshire News; Image source:

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