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    Two people with tuberculosis in the UK contracted through cats

    NewsCat Health NewsMonday 31 March 2014

    Two people from England have developed tuberculosis after contacting an infected domestic cat.

    The announcement has been made by the Public Health England, (Phe) and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, (Ahvla).

    It is the first cat-to-human transmission of the disease, Mycobacterium bovis (M.bovis), normally found in cattle, reported in this country.

    The two victims, one from Berkshire and the other from Hampshire, are responding well to treatment, Phe said. These are the only reported people until March 2014.

    It is believed that they probably caught the disease through either inhaling bacteria from the animal or through contamination via unprotected cuts in the skin while handling the infected cats.

    However, another two other people have been identified as having latent tuberculosis, as they have been exposed to the disease but it has not developed so far.

    Ahvla and Phe investigated nine case of 'M. bovis' infection in domestic cats in Berkshire and Hampshire during 2013.



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    Photograph © Andrew Dunn



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