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    Two old friends set up cat charity to care for Cardiff strays

    NewsCat Rescue NewsTuesday 21 May 2013

    The neglected and stray cats of Cardiff are being offered a lifeline by two animal lovers who are setting up a new charity. 

    Fran Ross, 68 and Joyce Chichester, 74 are from Pentrebane and spent the last decade volunteering at Cardiff Cats Protection. However, the branch was closed in November due to a lack of resources despite being well-established. 
    Fran used to help in trapping feral animals said that she couldn’t bear to see cats and kittens left without food and veterinary help. 
    Speaking to Wales Online she said: “We can’t just turn our backs on them – they really need attention. They have such a hard life and their life expectancy is very poor.”
    The pair, who have met whilst volunteering for Cats Protection, have now decided to continue their work even without the backing of the charity. They are planning on raising funds continuously in order to support their activities. 
    They have called their new charity Homeless Cats and their main aim is to care for Cardiff’s population of feral cats by feeding them and worming them. They will also be dedicating their time to neutering them and re-homing their kittens in a major attempt to contain the stray and feral cat problem. 
    Any cats found will be temporarily housed in a local cattery and then they will be neutered and re-released or, if possible, socialised and then re-homed. 
    Over the past ten years, Fran estimates that she has helped hundreds of cats and kittens, however, she stressed that the problem is getting worse. She has also called for pet owners to take their responsibility more seriously. 
    She continued: “It is a dire situation, which seems to be getting worse every year. Neutering is expensive, so a lot people are no longer bothering. I wish people would take more responsibility for their pets.”
    Fran and Joyce first met when Fran was attempting to rehome a mother cat, which was expecting nine kittens, and Joyce stepped forward to adopt the animal. Fran spoke of Joyce saying: “She is the kindest person. She can’t watch any animal suffer. We both love animals and hate cruelty.”
    And the pair aren’t afraid to get stuck into their roles. In fact, Joyce once had to spend three days in hospital after she was bitten by a feral cat. 
    Speaking about the bite, Fran said: “She was trying to get the cat out of a shed when it bit her. It was a nasty bite and she had to go to hospital because of the risk of blood poisoning.
    “Usually, I wear thick, steel workers’ gloves. If the cat bites, it does not pierce the glove, but you can get a nasty bruise.”
    Source: Wales Online
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