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    Two-legged kitten becomes a viral phenomenon online

    NewsCat Rescue NewsThursday 06 March 2014

    Little Mercury, a kitten from Oklahoma, has become recently viral in the internet world.

    What's so special about him?. Well, he is two-legged.

    The kitty was 4 days old and weighed not even 150 grams when he was discovered in a yard last September. He hadn't even opened his eyes yet and had his two front legs and all but one of his toes on his back legs missing already.

    His injuries are thought to be the result of a run-in with a weed whacker because neighbors had recently been doing yard work in the tall grass he was found in.

    A local family took the tiny tabby to the vet where his wounds were treated, and then they brought him home.

    They named him Mercury, bottle-fed him and cleaned his injuries multiple times a day.

    Despite his disabilities, he quickly grew into an otherwise healthy and playful kitten.

    "Mercury does everything other cats do — he plays with toys, he jumps, plays with other cats and dogs, sleeps on the bed, uses a litter box, and believes he is the king of the world and should be worshiped," his owners write on his Facebook page.

    Mercury learned to get around by walking on his hind legs, a move that's earned him comparisons to Tyrannosaurus rex.

    Want to read more about Mercury? Click on the source below.

    You can watch Mercury snuggle and play in this video.

    You can follow Mercury's every day life via his Facebook profile.



    Source: (Mother Nature Network)

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