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    Two cats burned intentionally

    NewsAnimal CrueltyWednesday 06 July 2011

    Two cats in Bay Village, Ohio (USA), have been burned in a way that seems it was done intentionally.

    Heidi, one of the cat victims, went out of its house last week and went missing. The owners of 8-year-old gray and black tiger striped cat started to look for their pet as it was unusual for the cat to disappear for so long time and is more indoor cat.

    The feline was found by a group of a teenagers two miles away hiding under a car. The cat was squirming and had its feet covered with blood and smelled ‘like ashes’ according to one of the boys. Heidi was taken to the Animal Hospital in Westlake were the doctors thought the cat may have jumped onto a hot surface due to the cat’s burned paws. However, after few minutes they noticed that there were burns also to the tail and cat’s rectum. The police has been investigating a case and another cat has been also discovered in the same neighbourhood.

    Thanks to the fliers Heidi’s owner were able to be reunited with their cat and now they are all waiting for a justice to be done. Heidi the cat is said to make a full recovery, although she is clearly still traumatized. If anyone has information on the cat attacks they are asked to call Bay Village Police (USA) at (440) 871-1234.

    Image source: flickr

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