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    Tortured kitten set on fire but will survive

    NewsCat Health NewsThursday 19 September 2013

    A brave kitten (not pictured) in the USA is set to survive a horrific ordeal after it was tortured and set on fire.

    The kitten, named Hope, is being supported by a newly established FundRazr account, which is aiming to help cover the medical costs.

    The costs are expected to be relatively high, as the animal has to undergo intensive surgery.

    Any remaining funds that are left over after the costs of the care are covered, will go towards the Hope Fund, which intends to help pet owners pay for similar treatments when they cannot afford it.

    The supporters of the fund have already managd to raise a whopping $12,303.

    The kitten was discovered two weeks ago next to a dumpster in Inskter, Michigan. She had been burnt on her back and sides and her body had also been emaciated.

    An 85-year-old woman ended up taking Hope into her care and attempted to treat the seven-month-old kitten for two weeks with no apparent results.

    The woman then took Hope to Tail Wagger’s 1990, a nonprofit organisation in Livonia, Michigan.

    Laura Zain, the founder of Tail Wagger’s 1990, told The Huffington Post: “We opened the carrier and stood in complete shock.”

    “It was the worst thing I've ever seen in 25 years of doing this. I've never seen something so sadistic, ever.”

    After they were unable to treat the cat, Zain and her organisation’s vice president, Judy Marinetti, then took Hope to the nearby Sheehy Animal Hospital.

    Dr Sharon Sheehy confirmed that even the kitten’s ears were burnt.

    Zain told The Huffington Post that she could see Hope's will to live.

    “I started petting her head, she immediately started purring and kneading her feet and giving me a sign, like, hey, I'm okay,” she said.

    Dr Sheehy and Tracy Howard, her vet tech, ran blood tests and performed surgery. Two hours later, Hope was cleaned up and given pain medication and will live.

    “I just wanted to cry. Who would do something like that?” Tracy Howard said to WXYZ.

    Hope will need another surgery, and possibly several others. Zain has said it will take at least six months before she is able to adjust to home life -- and many more before she is to be adopted.



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