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    Top 5 - Cats Who Really Don’t Give a Damn

    NewsAll Cat NewsMonday 08 September 2014


    We all know cats can be kind, gentle souls and wonderful companions. But sometimes, felines can test our patience and, very often, some are just jerks. Here’s our top 5 of the most inconsiderate and badly behaved kittys on the internet. And frankly, they don’t give a damn. 




    5. Box Cat


    Nothing to see here - nope nope nope!



    4. The Cat Alarm Clock


    Let me play you the song of my people….at 5am. EVERYDAY.



    3. The Helping Hand


    What’s that? You’re carefully easing your way down this precarious ladder? Let me help with that….



    2. ‘Teddy The A**hole Cat’


    Hey! Is this yours? Would be a shame if someone pushed it off the table. Oh wait - I already did. God, that was boring. YAWN.



    1. The Fitness Companion


    I see you’re trying to keep in shape, best get rid of this TV. And now I’ll just get on with my day and not even glance at you writhing in agony….Was that your favourite guitar too? Shame.


    If you fancy bringing a sadistic loving furball home, why not check out our cats and kittens for sale? And make sure to check our cat guide for a full picture of each breeds traits! 


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