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    Tilehurst supermarket removes cat charity food collection box

    NewsUK Cat NewsMonday 10 March 2014

    Asda in Honey End Lane has decided to remove a cat charity food collection box and now cat lovers in Tilehurst are terribly disgusted by this action, understandibly.

    Mary Wilcox, one of the usual shoppers said: “There has been a Cats Protection League (CPL) box for many years at our local Asda. The gentleman from the CPL empties it twice a week, but has been told it cannot be there any more. In these difficult times, the charities need every little bit of help they can.”

    This food collector box has been located in the Asda store for almost 20 years, gathering on average 50 tins and packets of cat food every week.

    On top of this, much of the collected tins are Asda’s own brand, Tiger. 

    General store manager Duncan Peddie said: “At Asda Tilehurst we pride ourselves on being champions in the community and have strong partnerships with many local charities and community groups.

    “Unfortunately we’ve had to remove the box last week, but we invited the Cats Protection League into store for a meeting with our Community Champion to see how else we can support.”

    Linda Richard, from Cats Protection, said: “Reading and District Cats Protection has had a food bin located in Asda at The Meadway for almost 20 years. It has been a valuable source of donated food to us for all this time. It is emptied regularly each week and rarely is it not full.

    “We are very grateful to Asda for the support they have given us in the past and regret that an apparent change of policy has meant that they no longer want our donation box on site.”

    Food can be donated at the Tilehurst Triangle shop.

    Supermarkets able to host a Cats Protection food collection box should call 0845 260 2395.







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