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    Three newborn kittens dumped in the rubbish

    NewsAnimal CrueltyThursday 20 June 2013
    3 Kittens (not pictured) were found dumped in the rubbish in Boothferry Road, West Hull and were only three hours away from being taken away by the rubbish collection crew. The odds were severely stacked against these little kittens.
    It was only lucky that a passerby, a member of the public, heard the little cries from the kittens were they able to locate and rescue the kittens. Three-week-old Barbara, Beryl and Basil are not being cared for by the RSCPA. Their mother was also found nearby.
    Hannah Bryer who is in charge of the investigation for the RSPCA said that;
    "These kittens were lucky to be found before the bins were collected the following day.
    "Abandoning animals in circumstances like this shows a complete disregard for their future welfare.
    "Pet ownership is fulfilling in many ways but with ownership comes responsibility.
    "It is simply not good enough to regard animals as a throwaway commodity."
    Just recently, as little as three days later, five more kittens were dumped in a box in East Hull. Authorities are having problems caring for the number of kittens that are coming into the centre.
    The kittens are said to be making amazing progress at the RSPCA centre in Clough Road in Hull. Their mother is even feeding them which is good news as mothers can reject their kittens if they are separated from each other for a period of time.
    After being called out by the member of the public who discovered the kittens Bryer said that 
    ""They called the RSPCA and I went to collect them shortly afterwards. I noticed a tortoiseshell-and-white female cat in the area, who was calling out. It was obvious this cat was the mother.
    "I put the kittens closer to her and she began to mother them. They were all taken to Hull RSPCA, where they are being cared for while an investigation is ongoing. They will be rehomed when the kittens are old enough.
    "Due to the mother cat being in the area, we think the owner either lives locally or dumped her at the same time as the kittens."
    If you have any information about this particular case then you can call the RSPCA at 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Inspector Bryer.
    Source: This is Hull
    Photo: abcrumley
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