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    Things To Expect When You Own a Savannah Cat

    NewsMonday 05 January 2015

    Our breed of the week is the stunning and wild-at-heart Savannah cat! Not for the faint hearted, this breed is essentially a cross between a domestic cat and the serval. As a result, a lot of attention and time is needed to properly care for these feisty but beautiful creatures. Here's a few things you can expect with a Savannah in your life, but don't forgot to research the breed thoroughly before committing to a cat or kitten...



    Savannah Cats Are Beautiful and Majestic-Looking, But There's a Few Things You Should Be Prepared For...


    Firstly, These Felines May Look All-Cat, But Owners Have Stated That Their Personaility and Needs are More Like a Dog's...


    They Are Loyal To Their Owners and Need Regular Exercise, Which Means Lots Of Walkies...


    ...Lots of Walkies, and Don't Forget To Get The Whole Family Involved Too!


    As You May Have Noticed, Savannahs are far Larger Than Your Average Domestic Cat. No Kitchen Counter is Safe. Ever.


    And They Can Jump Incredibly High - Which Means You May Come Home To This Fairly Often...


    But Just Remember Despite Their Wild Roots, If Socialised Properly, They Can Make Wonderful, Loyal Family Pets...


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