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    The vaccine to curing HIV could come from cats

    NewsMonday 07 October 2013
    The key to finding a cure to HIV may have come another step closer after researchers found that a protein from the virus that causes Aids in cats triggered an immune response in blood from the HIV-infected people.
    The virus that causes Aids in people is called the human immunodecficiency virus and the one that affects cats is called the feline immunodefiency virus (FIV).
    The findings were presented in the Journal of Virology and suggest that further research into FIV could help lead to a vaccine for people and thus a cure.
    An author who helped construct the report, Janet Yamamoto said that "One major reason why there has been no successful HIV vaccine to date is that we do not know which parts of HIV to combine to produce the most effective vaccine,"
    Previously scientists have combined whole HIV proteins as vaccine ingrediants but nont have worked well enough to be used as a commercial vaccine.
    Yamamoto continued by saying "Surprisingly, we have found that certain peptides of the feline AIDS virus can work exceptionally well at producing human T-cells that fight against HIV,".
    Source: Health 24
    Photo: Wikipedia
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