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    The Stages of Christmas Day - Portrayed by Cats

    NewsFriday 19 December 2014

    It's Christmas Eve! No matter what you have planned for tomorrow, most people's Christmas Days pan out similarly. Here's our breakdown of the various stages you'll experience, and who better to portray the motions then our feline friends?


    You wake up and experience a moment of delirious, giddy excitement, for it is Christmas Day!!!


    This all, of course, comes crashing down instantly as the brutal post-Christmas Eve hangover kicks in. Wow. You feel terrible. You'll never drink again. 


    So tenderly you head downstairs only to be greeted by Mum frantically cleaning the house in preparation for guests. And it turns out you need a clean too...


    All cleaned up but still feeling terrible, you head to the Christmas tree with your family and eagerly anticipate your presents...


    "Another Christmas jumper? Thank you Aunt Bev, you must know how much I adored last year's one!"


    The brightness of your new jumper has majorly set off your hangover headache, so you decide it's time for some hair-of-the-dog wine. Just a little, to take the edge off...


    Chistmas Dinner is served, and you are a beacon of restraint and elegance, as you are every year...


    And of course, you'll need some wine - just to wash it down with...


    Then comes the inevitable food coma....


    The Queen's speech is on, and she says many important things, although you can't actually recall what they were...


    More wine?


    The family board games come out and, although you're not usually competitive, you grow frustrated and make attempts to sabotage everyone's efforts...


    That was rather a stressful experience and you need some wine, just to settle your nerves. This is the last one, promise.


     Or two. Or five. Or - zzzzzzzzzzzzz....


    You wake up at around 2am on a couch or, more likely, the floor. The last thing you remember is playing sharades, and despite how awful you feel you still think your spontaneous use of Mum's lampshade was inspired.


    So you drag yourself off to bed, snuggle up and prepare to repeat the whole process for Boxing Day tomorrow!


    Merry Christmas!!!!


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