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    The longest whiskers in Britain belong to this cat

    NewsCat Curiosities Monday 07 April 2014

    Little Whiskers is a two-year-old black and white moggy, who is currently available to be adopted while in foster care.

    She is not an ordinary cat neither as she is believed to have the longest whiskers in Britain.

    Her facial hair measures four inches each, with 12 inches from tip to tip.

    Whiskers, who recently had a litter of kittens, is now being looked after by the Cats Protection charity. Volunteer Gill Canning, who fosters the cat at her home in Frome, Somerset, said: 'It was quite hard to measure her whiskers because she is so friendly, she thinks you are playing.

    'They are certainly the longest whiskers I have ever seen and they make her look very pretty indeed.'

    The title for the longest whiskers in the world is currently held by Missi, a Maine coon from Finland who boasts 19cm (7ins) long whiskers and has held the record since 2005.

    Whiskers is able to live with other cats and is currently looking for a home in the Somerset area.

    If you are interedted in offering Whiskers a home please visit:



    Photo: Cats Protection /

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