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    The cat makes its way onto the Monopoly board

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsMonday 18 March 2013
    Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly have made a strategic change to the game by replacing the metal iron with a metal cat through an online vote.
    The company held an online vote on its website between a robot, a guitar, a diamond ring, a cat and a helicopter. With the popularity of cats on the Internet this may not come as a total surprise. Over a quarter of a million people voted and the cat came out on top. The piece that got the boot was the iron which has long been associated with being boring and losing. Now the cat can compete with the Scottish terrier and the horse.
    It is said that the new version of the game with the new piece will come out later in the year. This could make a perfect gift for someone who loves playing board games and has cats to look after. 
    Source: Catster
    Photo Source: Philip Taylor PT
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