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    The 2nd Internet cat video festival scheduled in the USA

    NewsAll Cat NewsThursday 18 April 2013
    For some reason that not too many are sure about, cats and the Internet have grown hand in hand. They are by far the most popular animal online with people sharing photos and videos of cats everyday amongst millions of internet users. 
    It is no surprise therefore that an annual festival has been setup to celebrate this.
    A second festival will happen in Minnesota in August 2013 under the hashtag  #catvidfest.
    Last year over 10,000 happy cat fans flocked to the festival in the  Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to enjoy the festival. It often proves popular with families who have young children that love cats. Already due to the large national, international and media attention lots of “copycat” festivals have been setup around the world.
    At the main event will be a huge screen at the centre of the hall playing popular viral feline videos. There will also be other activities such as music, special guests and booths around the festival promoting local cat charities.
    Last year Director Will Bradon won the event convincingly with a cat called Henri who was "the world's first and foremost feline philosopher" on the big screen. The director plans to release more content for the 2013 show.
    Viral videos have taken off since the launch of websites like Facebook, Twitter and of course Youtube. For some reason videos of cats are some of the most popular and attract a huge number of page views and engagement from fans.
    Later on during the year the festival is set to hit Brooklyn, New York and could spread internationally.
    Tickets cost around $10 and can be bought online from the event holder's website.
    Below is a short video of last years event and the sort of things you may expect at the 2013 show:

    Photo: Eva Rinaldi
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