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    Talking cat-mum helps to find her missing kittens

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 11 October 2011

    A cat that was thrown from a car while pregnant helped to find its four newborn kittens.

    Jolie, the one-year-old black cat, was found injured after a driver had reported seeing her being thrown from the vehicle. Once the RSPCA inspectors realized that it had recently given birth they took the cat back to where the feline was found. The RSPCA officers were amazed when suddenly the cat started to ‘cry’ loudly and started to ask them to follow it. The officers followed the cat for 328 yards through a back garden, across a field and into a farmyard. Finally, they arrived to an old barn where amazed employees found for kittens, all safe and well. According to the reports, the newborn kittens had been left alone while Jolie was being treated and they would have died from dehydration within two days.

    Mother and kittens are now doing well at Block Fen animal centre. Jolie is now feeding her kittens happily. All five will be put up for adoption after they have been weaned in six to eight weeks.

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    Text and image source: Express UK

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