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    Swimming therapy for cat

    NewsCat Health NewsTuesday 13 September 2011
    Tootsie, a 2-year-old cat that was knocked down and left to die by the side of the road was not given too many chances to survive. However, the feline is going back to health thanks to its swimming therapy.

    The cat was unlikely to make a full recovery from its injuries, including a shattered right leg and the vets suggested even to put the cat down. However, the feline was given a second chance and started to attend the swimming therapy to rebuild its leg and get it back to health. Thanks to 6 weeks of intensive sessions at a specially designed two-foot deep pool for dogs, Tootsie has almost fully recovered from the incident. Tootsie started on the long road to recovery with just ninety second dips while wearing a harness to help lower him in and out of the pool. Now the cat is able to swim freely without safety rope or harness for 20 minutes at a time. 

    Hydrotherapy is an established method of rebuilding weak and damaged muscles both in people and in animals.There are also specialist equine water therapy centres which allow horses with injuries that require treatment without pressure on joints and muscles.But little Tootsie isn't the only cat that can swim. The Turkish Van cat has a particular love of swimming and has a natural affinity with water. 

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    Text and image source: The Daily Mail UK

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