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    Stowaway Turkish kittens found in shipping container in Kenley

    NewsCat RehomingMonday 04 June 2012
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    These Turkish delights are looking for a home after travelling all the way from Istanbul.

    The stowaways are, however, illegal immigrants, as they entered the UK in a shipping container, where they were found by confused Croydon workers.

    Matthew O'Connor and Dave Parker were just going about their daily business on May 5 working in the Ceramic Tile Distributor (CTD) warehouse in Kenley when they came by the rather unusual delivery.

    Wrapped up in a container of bathroom tiles were a cat and her three newborn kittens.

    Incredibly, the 18-month-old cat had wandered into the container when trying to find a safe haven, and gave birth to three kittens while aboard a freight ship to England.

    After two weeks of travelling a mammoth distance of more than 2,000 miles the family ended up in their new home – Kenley.

    Matthew, 26, of Frith Road in central Croydon, said: "It was quite weird.

    "We got a delivery in and Dave called me over and showed me.

    "One of the kittens had died unfortunately but the other two were fighting, they looked quite strong.

    "We phoned around animal charities to get some help and a animal rescue team ended up taking them away."

    The mother and her litter are currently being kept at Lady Hay Kennels in Blindley Heath, in Surrey, where they will remain until an owner is found.

    Sam Knight, an assistant at Lady Hay, was amazed the cats had survived the journey through the Mediterranean and north towards UK borders.

    She said the mother had been named Vitra, the name of the Turkish bathroom products she had been found hiding in, and the two kittens Dave and Matt, after the men who found them.

    She added: "The cats deserve a good home after the journey they have made so hopefully someone can come forward and offer to take one of them but hopefully we'll be able to keep the family together."

    Source: This is Croydon

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