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    Stolen Kittens

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsTuesday 28 June 2011

    Macomb police (Il., USA) are investigating a case of an alleged cat kidnaper. A woman posing as animal control is believed to take eight kittens from Macomb citizen last Thursday, 16th June.

    According to reports, the owner of eight kittens called the police on 23rd June explaining the issue. The man wanted to have his cats examined and gave a woman, who said she was working with a shelter, two carriers containing eight kittens. He had never heard from the woman again so after a week he decided to call the police.

    Police contacted the animal shelter and employees, however, nobody received any kittens. The woman is described as slender and about 30 years old. When she took the kittens, she was with a boy approximately 12 years old. Police are investigating the matter.

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