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    Special litter of kittens born with a little something extra

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsTuesday 27 March 2012
    Cats & Kittens

    A New Mexico woman is the proud new human to a pair of extra special kittens. Instead of the normal five toes on each paw, her pets have six.

    Hugs and kisses fall into a special group of kitties: Hemingway cats. Felines with extra toes on their furry paws. Lorrey Romero says, "Let me see your toes, we have one, two, three, four, five and six."

    Six toes not five. Lorrey Romero adopted these kitties from her neighbor. She says, "I fell in love with them, I had to take them home."

    Romero couldn't believe her eyes when her neighbor called her to take a look at these mitten cats. Romero says, "The kittens know. Usually I see regular kittens and these ones are a little different. They're special."

    The name comes from Ernest Hemingway who loved cats. His first feline pet had extra toes. It's a genetic trait coming from a parent that has extra toes. Lorrey says, "It's neat. They look normal, they don't look deformed or anything."

    Hugs and kisses aren't the only kitties out of the litter that wound up with six toes. There were three total because the mother has six toes. Lorrey says, "I was surprised."

    These kitties may only be a few weeks old, but they've already won over hearts in their neighborhood. Lorrey says, "The kind of make you stop and watch life and appreciate how special things can be."

    The mother cat's owner says this isn't her first litter of six-toed babies.

    Source: Today's THV

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