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    Six-week-old tabby cat falls asleep in a delivery vehicle in Turkey and wakes up 2,000 miles away in Dartford

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsWednesday 01 August 2012
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    According to BBC, “the intrepid six-week-old tabby cat emerged from the trailer in Kent "timid and frightened", her rescuers said.

    Her journey, which took her from her home in the Turkish capital Ankara, through Istanbul, and across mainland Europe, took nine days.

    Now named Yonda, the kitten has been taken into quarantine.
    Heather McCann, from Cats Protection, said staff from the freight and logistics company Davies Turner found Yonda as they unloaded cargo in the UK.

    Ms McCann said: "Yonda has had quite a journey.
    "She was apparently very timid and frightened at first, but thanks to the vigilance and kindness of everyone at Davies Turner, she is now doing well."

    She added: "We can only imagine she jumped into the trailer to find somewhere warm to sleep.

    "I'm sure she never expected to wake up in England."

    Source: BBC News

    Photo source


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