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    Shocked vet saves his OWN cat's life after it is brought into his surgery with injuries so severe he had to check microchip to discover its identity

    NewsCat Health NewsTuesday 22 May 2012
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    There seemed to be something familiar about the bloodied and battered cat which emergency vet Ben Trimmer tended after a midnight call.

    It had been hit by a car and had such bad injuries that Ben didn’t give it much chance of pulling through.

    But there was even more of a shock to come - when Ben scanned the cat to see if it had an identity microchip, he discovered it was none other than George, his own family pet, who he’d last seen just a few hours earlier at his home in Denmead, near Havant, Hants.

    George was in such a bad way that Ben, 34, who works at the Downland vets’ surgery in Emsworth, hadn’t recognised him.
    He said: 'When I arrived at the practice I couldn’t believe the state of the cat. I’ve never seen an animal so badly injured.

    'On first sight it didn’t look likely that he would make it through the night and, being a suspected stray, we were limited with the treatment we could offer it unless an owner could be identified and contacted using microchip technology.'

    When the microchip revealed Ben as the owner, he set to work.
    'My initial feeling was shock but quickly the clinical side of my brain kicked in.'

    Bones around George’s face had been shattered, his pelvis was detached from his spine, a cruciate ligament was ruptured inside one of his knees and there was damage to outside of another leg.

    George was taken to a specialist animal hospital and underwent £4,500 worth of surgery.

    Now he’s recovering and is the handsome, healthy cat he was before his accident.

    Dad-of-one Ben said: 'He is doing really well now, he’s out and about again causing trouble.

    'The guy that hit him rang up the following day to ask how he was and it turns out the accident happened very close to my house but I didn’t hear a thing.

    'I’m just so glad that I made the decision to get him microchipped or he would never have been identified and his life could very well have been lost.'

    Source: Daily Mail

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