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    Shelter Caturday - Molly

    NewsShelter Caturday!Friday 17 October 2014

    Every Saturday we are running a special feature on a rescue cat looking for a loving home. This week the spotlight is on Molly, a sweet girl waiting for a calm home at the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.


    October is Black Cat Month, and it's particularly at this time of year that we are reminded how many black cats miss out on a loving home because of superstitious beliefs. The view that black cats are less 'cute' also means they frequently lose out on homes to their more colourful counterparts. We think all cats are beautiful, but Molly here is a great example of how gorgeous black cats are!


    9 year old Molly was brought into Raystede because she was extremely unhappy living with children. Unfortunately this lovely feline has a bit of a troubled background - she orginally came from the RSPCA and although Raystede did initially find her a home, she was soon returned as she was not settling in very well.

    Molly is quite nervous and therefore requires a quiet, adult-only home. Due to her past, she needs very special owners who have the patience and understanding to allow her to settle. She would also need to be the only pet in the home. She has always been an indoor cat, but would benefit from having a garden to potter in - although she would not venture very far.


    Once she gets to know you, Molly enjoys a fuss and particuarly loves meal time! She nevers shows any signs of aggression despite her nervous disposition. She is simply a timid lady with a bad past but watching her settle into her new home and come out of her shell will be an infinately rewarding experience for her new understanding owners.


    Could you provide the perfect retirement home for Molly? Get in touch with Raystede on 08448 751252 or email them at [email protected]


    Could you provide a loving home for a rescue kitty? Have a look for shelters in your local area.



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