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    Shelter Caturday - Marge

    NewsShelter Caturday!Friday 12 December 2014


    Every Saturday we run a special feature on a rescue cat looking for a loving home. Today the spotlight is on Marge, a sweet tabby who is waiting for a loving family at the Cats Protection National Adoption Centre!



    What a beautiful feline we have for you this week! Marge is a completely stunning 14 year old tabby, who was originally brought to the centre because her owner was sadly going into care. She's a sweet, friendly lady that enjoys fuss and strokes.

    Marge is so lovely that she's taken the mantle of 'reception cat' at the centre and regularly welcomes visitors with her affectionate nature and good looks. She's become a firm favourite with both staff and visitors. She loves to meet-and-great everyone who passes through the door of the centre, especially when she can command attention and recieve the fuss she deserves. 


    Marge gets on well with older children and perhaps other cats as long as there is enough space and introductions can be made slowly. For this reason she would make an excellent family pet - as she will get all the affection and fuss she wants!

    This sweet feline would love a house with a garden she can potter about in. But most of all, this Christmas, Marge just wants a family to love her.


    If you think your family could offer Marge the perfect home, please contact the Cats Protection National Adoption Centre on 01825 741330 or email them on [email protected]


    Could you provide a loving home for a rescue kitty? Have a look for shelters in your local area.





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