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    Shelter Caturday - Jed

    NewsShelter Caturday!Friday 03 October 2014

    Every Saturday we are running a special feature on a rescue cat looking for a loving home. This week the spotlight is on Jed, a handsome chap who currently is awaiting adoption at Cats Protection National Adoption Center in Haywards Heath.   


    Jed is a kind-hearted, 13 year old gent who has been in the adoption center since March after his owner couldn't look after him anymore. Warm and relaxed, he's quickly become a firm favourite among the staff and visitors at the center, and gets on particularly well with older children.


    Although a potential new family might have concerns about Jed's age, the vet has recently given him a completely clear bill of health and you would never guess Jed was thirteen given his lively spirit. As a result pet insurance should be of no issue if you choose to take out cover for Jed, and Cats Protection will insure him for four weeks free of charge after he is adopted. You will then have the option to extend this cover yourself.

    Jed is a very loving feline, and likes nothing better than curling up in someone's lap for some gentle strokes and fuss. He is super homely, will fit in well with family and will always give back as much love as he recieves. Jed would love a garden to potter about in so he can laze in the sun. He misses a loving home and is becoming frustrated at the cattery, although his sweet nature would never show this.


    Older cats can be ideal companions for families who don't have quite enough time to look after a more high-maintainance kitten but would still like a feline in their lives. 


    Please consider Jed if you want to bring a cat into your life, he's a fine cat who has won the hearts of everyone around him and will bring years of happiness to you.    


    If you would like to visit Jed, please contact the Cats Protection National Adoption Center on 01825 74133 or email them at



    Could you provide a loving home for a rescue kitty? Have a look for shelters in your local area.




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