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    RSPCA warning as antifreeze kills Blackwood cats

    NewsCat Health NewsWednesday 25 January 2012


    The RSPCA says someone may be deliberately poisoning cats with antifreeze in Blackwood in Caerphilly county.
    It says at least two cats have died in the town this month and has warned those responsible could be jailed.
    In one case a male ginger cat from the town's Fairview area collapsed and was taken to a vet where tests confirmed antifreeze poisoning.
    The animal charity is urging owners to be vigilant.
    A spokesman said: "Although there is no evidence such as the remains of poisoned food, the owner believes the poisoning is happening in the local area as his cat didn't stray far.
    "There have also been reports that other cats have died in suspicious circumstances in the area in past years."
    Anti-freeze is highly dangerous to cats and just a very small amount can cause kidney failure.


    Source: BBC News

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