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    RSPCA branch in cat crisis

    NewsUK Cat NewsWednesday 26 October 2011

    The RSPCA has been alarming about having problems with the kittens that have been taken in to the charity. The ‘kitten crisis’ is related to an array of pregnant cats that have been abandoned recently by their owners.

    RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch has more than 20 kittens waiting to find new owners and staff are unable to take in any more abandoned cats until they find new homes for those now in their care. The RSPCA says the high number of kittens is the result of pregnant cats that have been abandoned days before they give birth. Some of the kittens are dumped with their mothers. The RSPCA is urging people considering getting a cat or kitten to avoid answering adverts in newspapers or buying them, and to take home a rescue animal that desperately needs a new home instead.

    Kittens and cats bought from adverts or car boots are unlikely to be up to date with their vaccinations. If you can offer a loving home to a kitten call the branch on 01205 319059.

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    Text and image source: Boston Standard

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