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    Rescued From County Shelter, Felines Hope to Stay Together

    NewsCat RehomingMonday 19 March 2012
    US Cats and Kittens

    A young mother cat and her three kittens were rescued from a county animal shelter, two of her kittens were adopted, now she and the one remaining kitten are looking for a home.

    What a close call! An Angels Among Us volunteer had been working with a woman to rehome a mom cat and three kittens, and then received a scary phone call letting her know that the woman no longer wanted to bother, and was on her way to the county animal shelter.

    When our volunteer reached her by phone, the woman was standing in line at the shelter to hand over this little family. Quite frankly, our volunteer was not anxious to take in any more foster cats, but could not bring herself to let these now-homeless kitties be relinquished to a high kill shelter.

    Two of the kittens have now been adopted by a very nice Johns Creek gentleman, and that leaves young Hazel and her teenage son, Aaron, still looking for a home.

    They have had such a rough beginning! While in their former home, Hazel and her kittens lived in a garage with little human interaction. They were quite shy at the beginning, and especially Aaron. But they have come a long way, and now we are looking for a very special person or family to share their home with these kitties.

    We are looking for an adopter who is experienced with cats and who is willing to be patient with Hazel and Aaron until they adjust to ANOTHER change in their lives. Hazel can be a bit temperamental, and sometimes bats at the person who tries to pet her. She is getting MUCH better about this, and her foster mom has learned that it's best to interact with this young cat on her own terms and to let Hazel approach her instead of vice versa.

    This method has paid off beautifully, and it is so rewarding as Hazel has now started rubbing against her legs to be fussed over! However, her adopter(s) needs to understand that Hazel will probably regress a bit in a new home and will need lots of love and patience as she learns to trust again.

    Aaron is not at all crabby, but is very shy in new situations and with new people. But he is doing better by leaps and bounds! He now enjoys being petted, and his foster mom has discovered that he LOVES being brushed and that grooming him has greatly accelerated his socialization process. (What a thrill the first time he talked back and clearly asked for some more loving!)

    This is a VERY sweet young guy, and we are confident that his adopter or adopters will find him very endearing and worth every bit of TLC that he so much needs. (We have received rave reviews from the adopter of his two sisters!)

    Quite honesly, we are looking for an adopter who has a huge heart, and who understands that sometimes the homeless pets who are in the greatest need of help are those with difficult backgrounds and who require an extra dose patience and consistent love.

    Other adopters have told us that opening their homes to such pets generates the greatest rewards as inevitably their compassion is recognized and returned tenfold by these deserving animals.

    We would very much like to keep Hazel and Aaron together, although will consider a home for just one if that home already has another cat who needs a companion. (Both do well with other cats and with dogs.)

    Hazel and Aaron are tidy cats and are good about using their litter boxes. Of course, both these cats have been fixed (spayed/neutered), tested for diseases such as feline leukemia, are vaccinated and microchipped.

    If interested in adopting Hazel and Aaron and or to request an adoption application, please contact their foster mom, Deborah, at [email protected] or call 404-414-1282 (US) .

    Source: Peach Tree Corners

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