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    Rejected puppy adopted by Siamese cat

    NewsAnimal CrueltyFriday 09 August 2013
    A puppy named Hope (not pictured) that was rejected by its mother has been able to find a new mother pretty quickly….. in a litter of Siamese cats.
    Two shih tzu puppies were born included one named Hope. Unfortunately the mother rejected Hope however a Siamese cat which gave birth to a number of kittens on the same day took the lost puppy in as its child.
    It was by chance that Paula Ball's cat gave birth to kittens and her partner’s dog gave birth to puppies on the exact same day. The puppies birth was complicated with one being stillborn and Hope managing to just survive. Paula thought it could be a good idea to match up Hope with the kittens.
    When the Paula was asked about the new puppy she responded with delight and said that the mother is doing very well. When asked what the new kittens think of their “sister” she said all was well and they even play together.
    Lizzie Goldstraw who is a vet in Liverpool says that it is very usual for a cat to take a puppy on but she’s fitted in perfectly and will stay with the kittens for 6 weeks until she is weaned off.
    Paula commented that  “We are delighted that Hope has been adopted in this way and she will no doubt feel warm and safe with her new family. 
    “Its quite unusual for a cat to take a puppy on as its own but it helped that they were born on the same day and that Paula acted so quickly to introduce the puppy.”
    “Paula is a dedicated owner who is working hard every day to help Hope develop normally and we are confident she will have a very long and happy life with her adopted mum.”
    Photo: Wikimedia
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