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    Rebel cat has local neighbourhood refilling their water pistols

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 16 July 2013
    A cat in Buckinghamshire has made a real nuisance of himself, for the second time!
    The bad boy cat, called Oscar, is a five-year-old Turkish Van cat, who is known in his local area for attacking dogs. 
    He went missing on 17th October last year and was recently returned to his owner after getting lost and terrorising a second village. 
    He was suspected to have jumped on the back of a lorry, and his owner has admitted that it was her cat’s bad behaviour that has brought him back to her. 
    On his travels, Oscar had found a house where the owners were away, and he took to stealing the food that was left for other pets by a cat sitter. The cat sitter has since refused to ever help out again after the Oscar ordeal. 
    The owner of the house managed to trap Oscar by setting the cat flap so he could only get inside and then took him straight to the vet to check his microchip. 
    Caroline Hughes, Oscar’s owner, told the Bucks Herald: “When I got the call, I asked ‘is he OK and alive’? The vet said ‘he’s very much alive and causing problems’. I said ‘that’s Oscar, he’s OK’.”
    Oscar is now set to undergo herbal therapy in order to see if his aggression can be cured. 
    Ms Hughes, 36 and a telecoms worker, also announced that she is planning to move house in order to find a large secure garden for Oscar, however, the cat is currently under house arrest. 
    Oscar had initially come to police attention after hospitalising a 77-year-old man in an attack in May. 
    Tom Rodgeway, the victim of the attack also spoke to the Bucks Herald saying that the locals were pleased to see the back of Oscar, who is also known as the ‘Lion Cat of Wingrave’.
    He said: “Our cats are more concerned than we are, because they are frightened of him.
    “I shall get my water pistol out and reload it. There are two or three people in the area that now have water pistols. The hit teams in the village had been stood down, whether they’ll be reinstated we’ll see. It depends on how Oscar behaves.”
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