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    Pudgy Pussycat Takes to Water Treadmill in Battle Against 30lb Bulge

    NewsThursday 11 September 2014



    An obese Maine Coon who was found abandoned is on a mission to lose weight, and the answer could lie with a strange combination of a treadmill and every cats worst enemy - water.


    The cat, suitably named King Leo, was found abandoned on the side of the road in Nashville, Tennesse by a driver who pulled over with a flat tyre and heard the cries of the portley puss, who was inside a carrier case. King Leo’s fur was so long and matted that he could barely move and it had to be shaved off when he was brought to Cat Shoppe Rescue - his fur alone weighed a whopping 2lbs. The colossal kitty still clocked an impressive 30lbs on the scales, however, and workers at the shelter knew something had to be done.


    Straight away, Leo was put onto a strict fitness regime, which included working his bulge off on a water treadmill.

    Despite water being a common enemy of most cats, the flabby feline has taken it in his stride and won the affections of the workers at the shelter. Particularly in the case of veterinary technician, LaTisha Lampley, who became so fond of King Leo that she decided to adopt him.


    She said: 'He is the biggest cat of his size frame with that much weight on him that I've seen.

    'King Leo is a wonderful, fun loving cat - he is ready to play, and loves to roll over and have his belly rubbed. As soon as we put him in the water, he started walking on the treadmill like he had been doing it for days.'


    Leo has already slimmed down to a svelte 21.3 pounds in his new happy home . His weight is constantly being monitored and he even has his own Facebook Page so his loyal fans can remain updated on his progress.


    So it looks like a happy ending for this rotund rascle! Adopting an adult cat can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, so why not take a look at our adult cats looking to be rehomed. You can find out more about Maine Coons in our breed guide.





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