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    Pets help to reduce stress

    NewsCat Curiosities Wednesday 30 November 2011

    That's right, our furry friends are our friends and though they cannot give us great conversation (in human's language) they are great every day companions. After a bad day, your puppy's eyes or soft cat rubs against your leg redirect your attention to your pet and make you forget about all the rest...

    Pets provide unconditional love and are always there for you in ways people can’t. Love, companionship and antidote to loneliness for many... Your cat or your dog will be there for you always, just give it some affection from your side.

    Now that the Christmas period is approaching remember that getting a puppy or a kitten is a lifelong decision and you must think not once, not twice but many times about it! Consider all the pros and cons, owning a puppy is a big responsibility. However, you are likely to have a great friend for many years!!! Visit animal shelters as there are many pets that have been abandoned and are just waiting for new homes.

    Text source: Bradenton; image source: picsy
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