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    PetRetreat after people to foster cats and dogs belonging to victims of domestic abuse

    NewsCat RehomingMonday 11 March 2013

    The RSPCA is on the look out for pet fosterers who would be willing to look after cats and dogs that belong to victims of domestic abuse. 

    The charity runs PetRetreat, which is the fostering service and they are currently receiving a record number of pleas for help from people fleeing domestic abuse. 
    A number of people feel that they cannot escape the abuse as moving to a temporary home will often mean leaving behind their pets. 
    So, PetRetreat has launched an appeal for cat fosterers in Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, South Wales and the Midlands. 
    Carolyn Southwell, the manager of PetRetreat, said: "We really need more people to come forward to foster cats in these areas so we can provide urgent help to people trapped in this harrowing situation.
    We get so many calls and we just don’t have enough foster homes. We simply cannot continue to help if we don’t find more fosterers to care for these very special cats."
    The RSPCA was recently contacted by domestic violence outreach service after their client fled to a women’s refuge.
    Unfortunately after only two weeks of being in refuge she returned to her abuser after he made threats against her cat Oliver, who she had been forced to leave behind with him.
    After a month of going home she was attacked again by her husband and hospitalised and PetRetreat received a call, saying she would only leave and go into refuge if a foster home could be found for Oliver.
    Oliver was then taken into care with PetRetreat for six months and during this time he was microchipped, vaccinated and neutered at one of their centres. He then moved to a foster home until his owner was rehoused and able to take him home. 
    The demand for the PetRetreat service has increased compared to last year and the RSPCA is handling nearly 100 calls a week from victims of domestic abuse who require help.
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