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    Pet astrology ... it’s kitten in the stars

    NewsCat Curiosities Tuesday 03 April 2012
    UK cats and kittens

    Millions of Brits check their own horoscopes every day – but the UK's only pet astrologer reckons we should also be looking at our furry friends' star signs.

    Fiona Celeste, 52, believes owners can get great insights into their pets' behaviour from their zodiac chart.
    The former air stewardess says: "I know some people think I'm bonkers, but horoscopes are a great way for owners to get closer to their animals.
    "You can unlock a lot about your dog or cat's personality by looking to the horoscopes."
    Fiona, from Glasgow, has more than 100 critters on the books at her Celestial Paws business and charges £30 per pet for an "astrological interpretation".
    The mum of three, who has been providing pet horoscopes since 2009 after switching from humans, adds: "It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to bring people closer to their animals."
    Here NIKKI WATKINS and JENNY FRANCIS ask Fiona to interpret 12 pets' personalities from their star signs – and to describe how well they "match" their owners' signs. Then the pet owners give their verdicts.
    March 21 - April 20

    Confident ... chihuahua Bo-Duppy, five

    Confident ... chihuahua Bo-Duppy, five
    LONG-HAIRED chihuahua Bo-Duppy is five years old and an Aries. His owner, teaching assistant Amy Barratt-Singh, 25, from Birmingham, is a Scorpio.
    Fiona says: "This confident and brave canine aims to protect and guard his family. From a young age you have been able to see early signs of his assertive, leadership potential. Sometimes this can come across to others as aggressive in style.
    "He is energetic and at times may well believe that he's in charge.
    "There may be a power struggle between the signs of owner Amy and Bo-Duppy."
    Amy says: "Bo-Duppy is certainly confident and brave. He is protective to the extreme and when we are in the street he will not let a stranger come anywhere near me.
    "He definitely shows leadership potential. He rules the roost in my house."
    April 21 - May 21

    Calm ... labrador Tumble, two

    Calm ... labrador Tumble, two
    LABRADOR Tumble, two, is a Taurus. He is owned by five-year-old Ben Watkins, from Tamworth, Staffs, who is a Libra.
    Fiona says: "His pup tends to have a calm attitude. He adores meal times but it has to be the leanest, finest and tastiest food available.
    "Watch his weight, you don't want his beautiful appearance spoilt.
    "A Libra and Taurus relationship should work very well as both signs are ruled by the planet of love."
    Ben says: "Tumble is very greedy, so we do have to watch that he doesn't eat too much dog food, otherwise he will get fat.
    "He can get a bit excitable but normally he is quite calm and lets me lie and play on him. Really he is my best friend in the whole world."
    May 22 - June 22

    Quick ... miniature schnauzer Dave, nine months

    Quick ... miniature schnauzer Dave, nine months
    DAVE is nine months old, a miniature schnauzer and is a Gemini. He lives with Taurus nail technician Zoe Pocock, 36, in Borough, South London.
    Fiona says: "This canine loves accompanying you everywhere and finding out what everyone's been up to.
    "He can move like lightning, is extremely bright and adores learning new tricks. His quick mind can't bear to be bored, so don't leave him alone for long if you value your home. The only problem between owner and pet will be Dave does not need to eat as much as Zoe thinks he does."
    Zoe says: "Dave sleeps in his own bed and loves cuddles with his mum. He loves biting and stealing people's slippers and shoes."
    June 22 - July 22

    Sensitive ... border terrier Dotty, eight

    Sensitive ... border terrier Dotty, eight
    BORDER terrier Dotty, eight, is a Cancer. Dental hygienist owner Alison Seymour, 47, is an Aquarius and lives in Winchester, Hants.
    Fiona says: "Dotty, the Cancerian canine, probably tends to be a home-bird.
    "She is sensitive, caring – and an excellent addition to the family.
    "Soft and gentle on the inside but she can present a rather crusty outer shell to the world. An Aquarius owner will love observing the personality of a Cancerian pet – they will get on well."
    Alison says: "This sums Dotty up. She is very home-loving and is always a bit unsure when we're away on holiday."
    July 23 - August 23

    Loyal ... German shepherd Sky, two

    Loyal ... German shepherd Sky, two
    GERMAN shepherd Sky is two and a Leo. She lives in Shenfield, Essex, with mum-of-four Shelley Hutchins, 39, who was born on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus.
    Fiona says: "This canine is loyal with a loving heart. She needs to shine and be treated like the queen she is.
    "Grooming procedures will give her the feeling of being adored.
    "Never ever scold, her loving heart simply couldn't bear it.
    "Things between owner and pet should work well as long as Sky gets lavished with praise."
    Shelley says: "This is very true, Sky is loving, loyal and trusting but sometimes thinks her way is the right way and doesn't listen."
    August 24 - September 22

    Predictable ... British blue cat Martha, two

    Predictable ... British blue cat Martha, two
    BRITISH Blue cat Martha, two, is a Virgo. Her owner, Sun beauty writer Lauren Naylor, 31, lives in Wapping, East London, and is a Leo.
    Fiona says: "Do make sure Martha's bed and bowls are spotless as she's a stickler for cleanliness. She can be a bit of a fussy eater too.
    "She thrives on predictability and routine. This is why Virgo dogs really are ideal candidates for training as a helper for the disabled.
    "A Virgo pet and Leo owner work well together."
    Lauren says: "This is very accurate. My dad, David, is disabled and she loves to sleep near him in his wheelchair or keep a watchful eye over him from the stairs."
    September 23 - October 23

    High standards ... cross-breed Sophie, six

    High standards ... cross-breed Sophie, six
    CROSS-BREED Sophie, six, is a Libra. Owner Alexandra Newbury, 30, is a service adviser from Tamworth, Staffs and is a Capricorn.
    Fiona says: "The Libra canine thrives in the company of a significant other and your relationship will be very special.
    "She's well-mannered, so you can take her anywhere.
    "Balance and fairness are important to her, and she'll expect the same high standards as you when it comes to dining and sleeping in a comfy bed.
    "Owner and pet will work well together as long as they spend a lot of time together."
    Alexandra says: "That is actually freaky as it describes her so well. She expects to sleep on my bed and always wants what I'm eating for tea. She is well mannered, gentle and calm.
    "You can take her anywhere. Our picture was taken in the pub where she charmed everyone."
    October 24 - November 22

    Suspicious ... labrador Barney, three

    Suspicious ... labrador Barney, three
    LABRADOR Barney, three, is a Scorpio. He lives with Cancerian office worker Maggie Morgan, 42, in Hamble, Hants.
    Fiona says: "The Scorpio canine tends to be suspicious by nature and terribly nosy which makes him an excellent choice as an airport sniffer dog. Your relationship is likely to be intense, as he may not be happy to share you.
    "He sometimes likes to hide things so you may one day stumble upon hidden treasures that perhaps you thought were lost.
    "In the stars, owner and pet are a good mix because both appreciate closeness."
    Maggie says: "On every walk, Barney has his nose to the ground, sniffing out who has been out and about on his patch.
    "I'm sure he'd be an excellent sniffer dog if he'd been properly trained.
    "Only he knows where he keeps his stash of my socks and gloves."
    November 23 - December 21

    Adventurous ... moggy Forbes, four

    Adventurous ... moggy Forbes, four
    MOGGY Forbes, four, is a Sagittarius. He is owned by Sun Woman acting deputy editor Dulcie Pearce, 30, a Virgo from West London.
    Fiona says: "Forbes needs freedom to explore and create new experiences.
    "He has a real thirst for adventure and would excel at expeditions.
    "If he does get bored during the day, his sleeping pattern at night may become disturbed.
    "Owner and pet may experience a little friction if the adventurous pet makes too much mess for his super-clean Virgo owner."
    Dulcie says: "Forbes is a true Sagittarius. His sleep patterns differ on a nightly basis and he will often be awake all night if he is bored in the day.
    "He also likes nothing more than to go on an adventure – usually to stay at my parents' house when I go on holiday."
    December 22 - January 20

    Wise ... black and white cat Freddie, six

    Wise ... black and white cat Freddie, six
    BLACK and white puss Freddie, six, is a Capricorn and lives with Libran teacher James Burrows, 32, in Colchester, Essex.
    Fiona says: "The Capricorn pet takes life very seriously. He seems wise beyond his years.
    "He'll enjoy showing you just how hard he can work and plod on until he gets it right.
    "This is a good combination of pet and owner as Freddie will feel very settled."
    James says: "Freddie is a very clever cat and loves to show this off.
    "He's forever catching birds and mice, and loves to bring them to me and show me what he has achieved."
    January 21 - February 18

    Intelligent ... cross-breed Ralph, two

    Intelligent ... cross-breed Ralph, two
    CROSS-BREED pooch Ralph, two, is an Aquarius – just like writer owner Sally Windsor, 32, of Crawley, Sussex.
    Fiona says: "An Aquarian canine is special and highly intelligent. He's a one-off, blessed with an optimistic outlook.
    "He's very interested in others and always makes them feel welcome.
    "His favourite activity is to run with a pack of canine friends.
    "Horoscope-wise owner and pet are a good combination."
    Sally says: "Ralph is always trying to make new friends in the park, so he's a typical Aquarius.
    "He doesn't like sticking to the rules – a bit like me – so the two of us are always getting into trouble together."
    February 19 - March 20

    Adorable ... Jack Russell Porky, three

    Adorable ... Jack Russell Porky, three
    JACK Russell Porky, three, is a Pisces. Owner Alison Webster, 49, is a photographer from Kent and is a Gemini.
    Fiona says: "Awake or sleeping the Pisces animal just adores being near you.
    "When she sleeps she may need some encouragement to rise from her slumbers, but once she is out she'll enjoy herself with you by his side. She offers unconditional love.
    "The star signs of owner and pet work, if the owner takes the pet everywhere."
    Alison says: "Porky loves being around people as she's very affectionate and gets jealous if I give others dogs too much attention.
    "She's very lazy – forever dozing when the rest of the house is up and about."

    Source: The Sun

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