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    Persian kittens dumped in the West Midlands

    NewsUK Cat NewsMonday 14 November 2011

    Eight Persian cats were found in Meriden Vets after being dumped in a field in the West Midlands last week.

    The Persians had overgrown claws that became embedded in their paws. Seven underweight and bedraggled cats were found in a field near Packington Lane, Meriden, on Bonfire Night. One of the kittens was snuggled up to a dead litter mate and another Persian was found abandoned in the same place few days later. They were underweight and had urine scalds on their bodies, overgrown claws embedded in their paws and faeces matted in their fur. One of the cats has a ruptured eye and another one is being fed on a drip. The Persians are different colours and sexes and are a mixture of kittens, juveniles and adult cats.

    The RSPCA has asked for anyone with information to call.

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