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    Owner reunited with cat that was found in TSB bank 450 miles away

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 22 October 2013
    A wandering cat has been reunited with his owner in London after a year of being missing and was discovered an incredible 450 miles away in a TSB bank in Scotland.
    The nine year old silver tabby named Pablo disappeared from Brockley in South London lat October and his owner Siobhan Campbell unfortunately thought the cat was a goner and presumed him to be dead.
    Last week however the cat decided to drop into the local TSB branch in Rosyth, Fife. To do what? Nobody knows, but it surely didn’t want to open up a savings account.
    The Staff were bemused when it decided to take a nap on the armchair and with their new friend they called up the Cats Protection charity and give him to them. The organisation checked him for a microchip and were totally shocked to discover that this pretty boy was a long way from home.
    It seems that Pablo was already quite a character in London and it was locally known that dogs would cross the street to avoid him and that motorists would drive around him as he would sit in the rood. It is also said that he has the run of the street and has access to many free meals in local resident’s homes.
    The owner’s mother Ms Partridge said that 'None of us can believe it. I can’t get over it.
    'Pablo has always been a Six Dinner Sid, but he has surpassed Sid this time.
    'I was just thinking on Thursday that it must be a year since he was last seen. On Friday afternoon I had a call from a vet in Rosyth saying he had just been handed in.
    'How on earth had he got over 400 miles from Lewisham and where has he been for the last year?'
    'He was always a character and a Six Dinner Sid, for those who know the children’s story.
    'He used to sit in the middle of her road and cars would go round him, he hated dogs so they would cross the road to avoid him and he had several names - Fluffy, Betty and apparently someone thought Betty was pregnant.
    'He also used to hang around the old people’s home in her street and had his own chair in the home of an elderly neighbour.'
    Doreen King who was the vet who first scanned him for his chip said that 'He had been staying in the bank, as he had learned how to open the doors and was going in and lying on the chairs.
    'They brought him in and I scanned him. At first when I saw the phone number and address I thought maybe they had moved up but when I got in contact with the owners they were still in London.
    'They thought he was dead. They had not seen him for a year.
    'She was absolutely in shock. I phoned and said do you have a silver tabby called Pablo, and I told her that we had got him.
    'She asked where we were, and I heard her shouting her husband and saying "They’ve found Pablo and he’s in Scotland".
    'He must have jumped in a van or a lorry.
    'He was in pretty good condition. I think somebody had been looking after him. He is really nice and friendly.'

    Still though, the biggest question remains. How did Pablo make it so far up north? No one at the moment knows the answer but a few theories have been suggested. 
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikimedia
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