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    Our 5 Favourite Blue Russian Videos

    NewsTuesday 04 November 2014


    Our Breed of The Week is the majestic Russian Blue. Intelligent and striking, this cat can make a great family pet in a calm environment. Here's our top 5 videos of this fabulous feline so you can get to know the breed and their quirks better!



    5. Cats 101 - Russian Blue

    Let's start with something informative! This little video is only 2 and a half minutes long and very quickly can get you familiar with the breed's traits. And of course there's lots of adorable montage...


    4. Russian Blue Cat "Luna"

    This beautiful and well produced video lets us see the Russian Blue in all it's beauty with the lovely Luna going about her daily routine - which includes yawning, sleeping and just pottering around! It's a tough job but someone has to do it, eh Luna?


    3. Hungry

    "FEEEEEEEED.....MEEEEEEE" *smack*


    2. The Adventures of Herbie: Episode 1

    Isn't Herbie just a prince? So much so that his loving owner has done a whole mini-series on his daily adventures which you can find here. Episode shows Herbie as a kitten, doing kitten stuff - which naturally is very important.


    1. My Crazy Russian Blue Funny Cat

    You can give us all the professional Youtube film making in the world, but nothing will beat a kitten throwing itself at it's own reflection. Although, on saying that, you can tell the curious kitten is a bright spark, checking around the corners of the wardrobe and quizzically wondering why that strange cat doesn't seem to be there... 


    Think the Russian Blue is for you? Take a look at our breed guide to make sure and then start looking for a kitten or cat



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