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    No black cats for Halloween

    NewsCat Curiosities Monday 24 October 2011

    According to the Daily Mail, there are going to be significantly less black cats this Halloween in US and everything due to the decision of animal shelters around the country to prohibit the adoption of felines.

    Animal shelters across the country are prohibiting the adoption of black cats over the holiday period, fearing the possibility of animal cruelty towards the felines, who usually take centre stage at this time of year. Black cats are the subject of many superstitions and rituals and rescue organisations usually try to push their adoptions, as they are generally neglected because of the stigma surrounding them. Some organizations in Maine are also restricting the adoption of black cats this month. The Animal Orphanage in Old Town recognise that many people use black cats for sacrificial purposes at this time of year. Waterville Humane Society has a similar set of restrictions in place and does not allow the adoption of black cats until the day after Halloween.

    Read more news here.

    Text and image source: Daily Mail

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