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    Newborn kittens dumped in a plastic bag

    NewsUK Cat NewsFriday 30 September 2011

    Two kittens were found dumped near a lay-by on the A9 on the 22nd September and two other felines in a wheelie bin on the 15th September. The newborn kittens had still their umbilical cords attached.

    Two newborn kittens were found inside a plastic bag in a wheelie bin with their umbilical cords still attached, according to the BBC News. One of the two found in Glendoe Terrace in Inverness did not survive while the other has been receiving care from the Scottish SPCA. According to the officers from the Scottish SPCA, the newborn kittens were not left any chance to survive once they were taken away from mum as soon as they were born.

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    Text source: BBCNews; image source:

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